Our ICT services span the complete life cycle but its true value is seen from the very early stages with high level consulting, directing the project as it matures into detailed project designs and implementation. We also provide network operations and maintenance to ensure post- implementation infrastructure is maintained to maximize efficiency and performance. Digiklick service area covers numerous sectors including: hospital, hotel, transport, communications carriers, oil & gas, utilities and Government.

We stand by our philosophy of service and delivery beyond all else and pride ourselves on providing outstanding expertise, professionalism and client service.

Network Design and ImplementationTS

With Digiklick, you can rely on our people, processes, and technology to provide networking services that drive results for your business. Some of our technical expertise include:

Application Mobility
Unified Communication
Server Virtualization
Data Storage
Data protection

Infrastructure ManagementTS

Digiklick delivers operational excellence to diagnose, maintain and resolve disruptions in network infrastructures. Our infrastructure management services include:

Data Center Infrastructure Management, monitoring and optimizing data center resources 24/7
End-user Computing Services
Application Support and Services
Technical Support

RFID ServicesTS

Digiklick can help you design, integrate and implement your radio frequency identification(RFID) solutions. With our structured service and vast experience, you can save cost and reduce implementation time. Digiklick RFID service can help you:

Integrate real time data in your data capture with business processes
Track mobile assets to reduce loss and theft
Build a secure, responsive and flexible supply chain
Protect and control human and asset movement

Software DevelopmentTS

When off the shelf software packages no longer meet the increasingly complex industry and IT needs of your growing business, it’s time to call the innovators at Digiklick. Software application are developed inline with distinctive business needs and processes that put your products and services above the competition. Our expertise covers:

Custom Software Development for cloud and Software as a service(SaaS)
Responsive UI and UX services
Mobile Application Development
Web Application Development

System IntegrationCS

Our strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only steady, scalable, smart, and innovative but also result oriented. Our capabilities include:

Application and enterprise systems integration
Business continuity planning
Contact center infrastructure
Data centers
Disaster recovery services
Enterprise management
Network integration
Platform integration
Retail automation
Security infrastructure

Technical SupportCS

Digiklick offers an elaborate set of tools and services to monitor & manage customer infrastructures, networks and technology adoption. Our capabilities include:

Network setup and management
Seamless interoperability for enhanced customer experience
Support for a diverse range of standards & protocols
Remote monitoring and proactive support automation
Usability assistance for connected devices

Desktop SupportCS

Digiklick Support Services is designed to mitigate downtime and optimize performance, particularly if issues are not resolved quickly. That is why our dedicated team of IT professionals are here to help your business overcome any difficulties it encounters in a time-effective manner with a guaranteed service level agreement that you can rely upon. Our desktop services covers Microsoft Windows based machines and Apple Macintosh computers. Our competency covers:

Remote Control Support services
Microsoft Support Services
Apple Macintosh Support Services
Hardware maintainace
Software maintainance
Installation Services.

Learning Management SystemSL

Our LMS is built on the Moodle open source platform

We have inhouse developers that are well breasted with moodle open source. At Digiklick, we have built customized components to give you an awesome learning and teaching experience. Some of our custom components are Plagiarsim Checker and SMS notificatons for deadline reminders.
Plagiarism Checker: This feature does a local text comparism when assignment or course work is submitted.


Realtime monitoring of field officers using RFID/GPRS

Digi-Track is a highly effective Guard-monitoring / Asset-monitoring solution which can be utilised in any industry, including security, construction, mining, and corporate companies.
The system effectively tracks the whereabouts of any field officer required to be at a particular location at a particular time

Asset Management SystemSL

Uses RFID Interrogators and Tags

Digiklick Asset Management System uses RFID technology to manage inventory efficiently. It is compatible with a range of consumer devices, such as smartphones, tablets or weathered mobile devices. It is a cross platform solution. Users can track and locate assets, prevent theft and effectively manage their assets. The solution makes it possible to know that the right asset is being used in the right way by the right person at the right time and in the right place

Visitors Management SystemSL

Digiklick Visitor Management System integrates seamlessly with SAP

Identify, track and manage all visitors in your building or on multiple sites.
Our Visitors Management System enables you to track visitors in REALTIME and also records how many visitors signed in and where they visited. It improves building security by given amber alert when visitors enter unauthorized areas.

Access Control SystemSL

Authorise, Identify, Authenticate

Our Access Control System is built on the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you a robust security solution serving any-size facility.

Jupiter Business ManagerSL

Cloud based System for logistic companies

This solution offers the perfect business management support to 3rd and 4th party logistics service providers.